Scoopwell’s Dough Bar in Phoenix offers edible cookie dough in a variety of flavors. In February 2020, they opened their doors for local media outlets to come try some sweet treats.

Rotational grazing at Pine Meadow Angus. Pine Meadow Angus raises grass-fed angus cattle in the Finger Lakes region of New York. 

Services overview by Sue Reckinger, former Senior Director of Volunteer Services at Duet. Duet’s mission is to promote health and well-being through vitally needed services to homebound adults, family caregivers, faith communities, and grandfamilies.

Goldfield Ghost Town was founded in 1893 but only lasted for five years as an official town. With the rise of interests in abandoned places and ghost towns Goldfield has become a thriving attraction for tourists and residents of the Valley who want to experience the history of old west mining towns.

Individuals acting as family caregivers are increasing as the population of the United States ages. November is recognized as National Family Caregiver month and Duet: Partners In Health & Aging provides support and services for over 690 family caregivers in the Phoenix area.

​​The homeless population in Maricopa County was estimated to be over 25,000 in 2015. The Student Health Outreach for Wellness works to provide homeless individuals with healthcare and services that they would have trouble getting otherwise. Mary Saxon, a student director of operations with SHOW, sat down with me to talk about the organization and the services they provide to the homeless individuals.

​On May 13, 2016 Chezaray Mitchell was working as a convenience store clerk when he was shot and his life was changed forever. In December 2016 Chezaray returned to work for the same company and in the same location where he had been injured in May. In February 2017 I was able to sit down with Chezaray and discuss his injuries, his recovery, and how he feels about where he is now. Chezaray has shown extreme determination in the face of a situation and injuries that would lead most people to give up, and his outlook on life during this process truly inspiring.